Make a CALCULATOR App with Xamarin Android #1 – Making the UI APK PC

Hola este video estará relacionado con aplicacion android con visual studio puedes ver en nuestra web una gran cantidad de aplicaciones para aplicacion android con visual studio, recuerda que todo el contenido aquí es tirado solo te pedimos que compartas el articulo por redes sociales si te ha servido mucho contenido sobre aplicacion android con visual studio es de las mejores versiones para tu móvil Android un sistema que es popular en los Smartphones y cada vez es mas popular

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In this tutorial you will learn how to make a simple android calculator app. More precisely, in this first part we will be dealing with the UI – writing XML, using LinearLayout, GridLayout, support libraries, custom styles and more Android goodness!

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  • It seems that many of you have a problem with the version of GridLayout library. Check what is your target SDK and then install the same version of the support library. If SDK is 26, install library version 26 etc.

  • you are too good teacher and your videos are clear and understandable and you explain each and every detail in the code makes your videos even more amazing. You just earned a sub!
    Keep up with your videos

  • When I learned C# in the early noughties, it was brand new and not a lot of tutorials around. The funny thing is to learn the environment (winforms etc.) I had the same Idea and created a calculator, back than without an IDE on purpose, because VS has had lot of useful automation, but it also hides the inner workings if you use it.

  • How I told you;:

    Project Android-App-04-Calculator cannot build using Android 7.1 (API Level 25 – Nougat) because Android SDK platform for API Level 25 is not installed. Either install it in the Android SDK Manager (Tools->Android->Android SDK Manager…), or change your Xamarin.Android project to target an API version that is installed.


    What I did, I went into the SDK Manager and installed everything, so no (I believe), I will not have problems with this type of error.

    Please, if you can create a video teaching how to analyze, evaluate and solve these types of common mistakes it would help a lot for us that we are starting in Xamarin, because the biggest difficulty really is solving this, which usually causes disappointment, since the part of development is simpler.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  • Man, thank you for sharing your knowledge, I watched the video and now we will develop it step by step and see what happens, because in most cases, it gives error in the installation of new features by incompatibility or something, but come on!

    Congratulations and that health and success are constant in your life !!!

  • I see… And advocate for others to watch.

    Oh by the way, is it ok if I can also seek your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? Just need some feedback about it…

    www . bit. ly/2SJ8b7g

    Apologize about the url having spaces in between because Youtube don't allow me to place url or anything related to Google Play url.. they are hidden by Youtube 🙁 As such this is a shortened url to prevent this issue. Will appreciate if i could trouble you to remove the spaces to access this url which will redirect to google play store.

    appreciate ya !!

  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <LinearLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"
    android:id="@+id/calculator_text_view" />
    why not show 123?

  • Hello,
    I folowed the tutorial step by step but got an error, please help me to fix it:

    Gravité Code Description Projet Fichier Ligne État de la suppression
    Avertissement L'élément 'LinearLayout' a un élément enfant non valide 'support.v7.widget.GridLayout' dans l'espace de noms 'http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android&#39;. Liste d'éléments possibles attendue : 'AbsoluteLayout, ViewGroup, View, ActionMenuView, LinearLayout, AdapterViewFlipper, AdapterViewAnimator, AdapterView, AnalogClock, AutoCompleteTextView, EditText, TextView, Button, CalendarView, FrameLayout, CheckBox, CompoundButton, CheckedTextView, Chronometer, DatePicker, DialerFilter, RelativeLayout, DigitalClock, ExpandableListView, ListView, AbsListView, Gallery, AbsSpinner, GridLayout, GridView, HorizontalScrollView, ImageButton, ImageView, ImageSwitcher, ViewSwitcher, ViewAnimator, MediaController, MultiAutoCompleteTextView, NumberPicker, ProgressBar, QuickContactBadge, RadioButton, RadioGroup, RatingBar, AbsSeekBar, ScrollView, SearchView, SeekBar, SlidingDrawer, Space, Spinner, StackView, Switch, TabHost, TableLayout, TableRow, TabWidget, TextClock, TextInputTimePickerView, TextSwitcher, TimePicker, ToggleButton, Toolbar, TwoLineListItem, VideoView, SurfaceView, ViewFlipper, ZoomButton, ZoomControls, android.webkit.WebView, android.gesture.GestureOverlayView, TextureView, ViewStub, fragment, incl…. CalculatriceRaphael D:ANAELDERAPHAELACADEMIEGLApplicationsCalculatriceRaphaelCalculatriceRaphaelResourceslayoutactivity_main.axml 20

    Thank you

  • Bro i'm having a trouble, when i create the project, and i open the main.axml, it the says this: « This project contains resources that were not compiled sucessfully, rendering might be affected», do u know how to solve this?