How To Tune Vocals in FL Studio – Newtone Tutorial APK PC

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Let’s take a look at Vocal Tuning and Pitch Correction in FL Studio.
In this video I show you how to use the NewTone plugin in FL Studio to manually tune your vocals – giving you complete confidence and control. It can be an important step in making your vocals sit perfectly in your mix however oftentimes less is more!

The Singer in this video is David Ottestad :

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  • I had an amazing time working with Michael on this song and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. I wanted to share some thoughts relating to this video with other producers, singer/songwriters/vocalists. I've been writing and recording songs for 10 years and I used to be incredibly insecure about my ability to sing. I love songwriting but I hated singing. I'd watch producers chop up my vocals and tune them and I'd have to listen to a loop of my pitchy voice repeating over and over until it was made "right". Tracking vocals gave me anxiety. My ear knew what the performance needed to be and my voice could never get there. 3 things helped me overcome this:

    1. A producer that finally said to me "pitch is not king, performance is". I always prioritized pitch above all else. And because we hear music all day long on radio that is corrected or witness singers whose pitch is really strong, it's easy to lose confidence in yourself. It wasn't until a producer made me feel comfortable in that space and said, "Don't worry about getting it perfectly right, just go back to how you felt when you wrote the song" that I started to sing with confidence. Then he would compliment certain parts of the performance. "I love that breath right there!" I love how you said this phrase". Highlight what the singer is doing well. As an artist, I can't tell those of you who produce how important it is to communicate with your artist in whatever stage of recording they feel overwhelmed by.

    2. Don't be afraid to go for the long takes. Michael mentions in this video that we do full song takes. He was surprised by this approach when we were working together. It is so easy as a singer to obsess with getting things just right when going phrase by phrase. It's why I've stopped doing this. I sing the whole song from start to finish. It helps me step into the emotion of the song. Every line builds upon the next. Rather than singing 5 words over and over and over and trying to get it "right'.

    3. This is for those of you who struggle with pitch and want to improve. You can take voice lessons, yes. However, what helped me more was setting up a camera and audio recorder and recording live videos of my songs. That's why you'll find so many of these videos on my channel. It's not just about content. It's about growing myself as a performer. When you listen and watch yourself sing and pay attention to the parts that make you cringe, your brain actually starts working on those aspects of your technique. For 4 years now I've been making one take, live videos and if you go back and watch the first and then the most recent, I guarantee you'll see a difference in my performance. Not only that, the videos from years ago were 1 of 15 takes. Now I do 1 take. I take pride in this. It's important to remember this is all a process. We're all working hard to get better. That should be the goal! Embrace the process and make getting better the priority. You'll be surprised by your progress.

    Hope some of that insight helps! We should all work to encourage each other in what we love doing. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them!

    Thanks for what you do Michael! I'm having a blast working with you.

  • Just had an idea. For the breath sections you can make cuts on each breath mute them then consolidate the vocal take with out the breath’s. Then do your editing in newtone. Maybe this will cut some time down.

  • Great but quite basic presentation, but do you know how to use NewTone not in separation from the rest of the mix but together with it, so you can control your changes with the rest of the song?

  • All these tips doesn't effected my new tone, pops created and doesn't disapear, when i cutted all the lines with cut got this wroble efect, and so on and on… version Fl 20.7… can't use this ! BUT explained beautifully !