How to connect Sygic Car Navigation with Ford SYNC3 APK PC

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See our detailed guide: How to connect Sygic Car Navigation with Ford SYNC3 for the first time.

Sygic Car Navigation is the world class offline navigation optimized for Ford´s build-in infotainment system. Just connect your smartphone to your Ford´s SYNC3 with a USB cable and enjoy advanced navigation features such as: Free map updates several times a year, Speed Limits, Traffic Information, Lane Assistant, Junction View, Parking Services, Fuel Prices…

Get it NOW:
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sygic-car-navigation/id820326185?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sygic.incar

Learn more about Sygic Car Navigation: http://www.sygic.com/car-navigation

Learn more about SYNC 3 Connectivity: http://www.sygic.com/car-navigation/compatible-cars/ford
Need help? Contact our support team: https://help.sygic.com/en/sygic-car-navigation

Ford Cars with new SYNC3:
Ford Ecosport, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mustang, Ford Mondeo, Ford Galaxy, Ford S-Max, Ford Focus, Ford C-Max, Ford Kuga, Ford Ranger, Ford Transit, Ford Transit/Tourneo Custom, Ford Transit/Tourneo
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  • I have been using Sygic for a while now. I switched from Here We Go as I wanted the offline functionality, but in one respect where Sygic is lacking behind HWG is the way to store favourites places and the possibility to see the satellite image over an area as in HWG. Apart from that, it's sort of OK.

  • I've tried to run it with SYNC 3.3 and Galaxy S10. Although I have a valid Sygic GPS Navigation for Android (Europe), there was a red box on upper lef cornerof the smartphone telling that my trial will expire in 7 days. All my attempts to enter the activation key failed. Also, I stucked on "waiting for device" screen.

  • I have a 2018 New Type Focus with Sync 3.2 and this app will not work. I think this outfit Sygic are bandits and should be treated as such. When you email to ask way it will not connect to the car, they do not even answer your mail. Disgraceful people, they have my money and I have useless crap.

  • The Sygic CarPlay add-on is outrageously expensive!!!
    Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze and so on are being updated for free to CarPlay.
    Also, stop bothering your paying customers with in app ads for other purchases. Ifwe will need something more, wewill find it.

  • Just tried it on Sync 3.3 using Redmi note 5. Didnt work, the SYNC hangs at "waiting for device".
    Actually the whole proceedure is not as depicted on the video. Once you click on the sygic icon in sync menu it will start the app on your phone. You can see they edited the video at 1:10 the clock shows 4:49, one second later it is 4:53 so they definetly fucked up 4 minutes to get this to work.
    Secondly, once you init the process your phone boots the app and it goes to black screen. You can not even initiate the app as it is already running… I'm currently testing the 7 day free premium edition but if there is nothing to test I will definetly not purchase.

  • So far has too many bugs and weaknesses. Very expensive Apple CaPlay plugin, no family sharring, constantannoying ads in the paid version and so on. There are many free navigation apps that don’tbother you withads. It is a shame that Sygic does that to their paying customers.

  • I have v3.0 of Sync 3, I have gone into settings and completely turned off Android Auto (it doesn't give me the choice to disable it like you did in the video), and I have downloaded Car Navigation and the entire map of Maryland. I already had the regular version for several years. I uploaded this app and specifically choose it because I want Sygic on my touchscreen. This app does not show up in my mobile apps.  I have tried everything. What gives? Does this really work?

  • Nice video, now try it on a real Ford and not your Dev kit. Your app is the single worst app link enabled iOS app available. I've been testing it for months and no stable version exists. I'm guessing Ford App Link is mostly to blame. Spotify recently pulled their support for Sync 3 because it was too costly to develop for and never worked, you should consider doing the same.

  • Hello,
    Are there any troubleshooting steps that I need to take? It doesn't work for me. I have my 2017 Ford Mondeo Vignale with SYNC3, updated today to 3.0. I am using an iPhone X with 11.2.x and also tried with 11.3 beta 6. No matter what I am trying to do, my SYNC3 says that it cannot find mobile apps. No even Spotify or Waze or Sygic etc.