ESP8266(NodeMCU) Webserver Access point, control from Android app APK PC

Hola este video estará relacionado con aplicacion android arduino wifi puedes ver en nuestra web una gran cantidad de aplicaciones para aplicacion android arduino wifi, recuerda que todo el contenido aquí es tirado solo te pedimos que compartas el articulo por redes sociales si te ha servido mucho contenido sobre aplicacion android arduino wifi es de las mejores versiones para tu móvil Android un sistema que es popular en los Smartphones y cada vez es mas popular

All of the proceeds from the sales of this book go into a fund for assisting robotics teams to purchase the hardware, software, and training they need to learn the skills necessary to be successful roboticists.

code is here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HAATIRS

if you still like the code to be used for free you can contact me at [email protected]

This is the demonstration video of using ESP8266 (nodeMCU) as access point, instead of connecting over a router and access a webserver, using a AP mode it is possible to use the NodeMCU as standalone device to act as a webserver, you can access the WiFi device from any browser based device supports WiFi, for convinient I created a Android app using MIT app inventor to control ESP8266 (Nodemcu), using android app , we can control upto 9 devices, any devices can be controlled through this method.

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