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Hola este video estará relacionado con aplicacion teleprompter para android puedes ver en nuestra web una gran cantidad de aplicaciones para aplicacion teleprompter para android, recuerda que todo el contenido aquí es de balde solo te pedimos que compartas el articulo por redes sociales si te ha servido mucho contenido sobre aplicacion teleprompter para android es de las mejores versiones para tu móvil Android un sistema que es popular en los Smartphones y cada vez es mas popular

Looking for the BEST Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone? Here’s our pick (and why!) after testing a TON of autocue and iPhone/iPad Teleprompter Apps! **** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► iPhone: https://primalvideo.com/complete-iphone-guide-download/ ► Android: https://primalvideo.com/complete-android-guide-download/

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iPhone & iPad Teleprompter App:
► Video Teleprompter Lite (Free): https://primalvideo.com/go/videoteleprompterapplite/
► Video Teleprompter Premium: https://primalvideo.com/go/videoteleprompterapp/

Studio Teleprompter Setup:
► Tablet Teleprompter for Studio: https://primalvid.io/B1sEw (Amazon)

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— Best Teleprompter App for iPad and iPhone —

Look in any serious news room or production studio, and a teleprompter will be front and center. Why? Because it can make your job on camera SO much easier.

And these days you don’t even NEED any additional gear outside your smartphone or tablet! There are some great apps on both iOS and Android that will let you shoot video AND use your device as a teleprompter at the same time…

While a proper studio setup definitely has its advantages, like the tablet teleprompter I use in my studio (– https://primalvid.io/B1sEw (Amazon)), the apps are a surprisingly powerful option when you’re on the go and want an autocue, or you just don’t have access to a larger teleprompter.

Now, there’s a lot of app options out there, so which is the best autocue or teleprompter app for you? We’re going to dive into my top pick after testing a TON of options, and look at WHY it’s so powerful.

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  • Hi Justin, I was very interested to listen/watch your video… but, I
    have a question. You mentioned your pick was the Video Teleprompter
    Premium but you made no mention as to whether it is voice activated;
    which I feel is a must. I used to run my own prompting company in
    Sydney (for many years and luckily, when computerised prompting had just
    started to become a must-have on shoots with lots of dialogue) and we
    used to market our complete service back then because we provided all
    the latest equipment AND a qualified operator. It was the only way
    presenters could feel totally confident that they could dictate the
    speed of scrolling, because they had confidence that the operator was
    working in sync with them. Whereas, at the time, the only alternative
    was a cheap version where the speed was set..i.e. anywhere between slow
    and fast. And that brings me to something you mentioned towards the
    end of your video… which kind of conflicts with my thinking (and
    experience). I think you said that by making the text as small as
    possible, you are able to fit more words on a line; which in turn means
    the viewer won't see the presenters eyes moving… but, respectfully
    it's the exact opposite.. if there are a lot of words on a line, then
    naturally the readers eyes are going to float across that line…
    whereas if there's only a few words per line then, you can 'clock' the
    whole line with one glance – i.e. using peripheral vision. I'm
    probably not explaining it very well (and you may not even care) but, I
    was surprised to hear you say more words per line are better. But,back
    to my original question: If this, your top pick, is not
    voice-activated, do you know of others that are – because I need one!
    Hoping I haven't caused offence, because you do sound like you have a
    lot of knowledge and experience in the world of video and I am sure many
    people are very grateful that you take the time to share. xx

  • This was great advice. Justin, when i turn my iphone horizontally then I cannot look directly into camera as the lens is at the top of an iphone when you look at it vertically. How did you do this or were you using a camera/video camera as well?

  • I don't believe that this promotional mentions the fact that you have to pay an additional fee to get HD. All the nice features are useless if you only get a low-res result. The annual fee makes it one of the most expensive solutions available.

  • Either it sucks or I am an idiot. Probably the latter, but I cannot get it to work with my iPhone in horisontal mode. The text keeps rolling in a 90 degree position. Is there an adjustment for that?

  • Hello. I just downloaded this app, however there is a lot of background noise. I initially thought it was my iphone but when I did a video outside of the app, the noise was gone. Do you have any recommendations? Maybe I did something wrong in the settings??

  • Hi. This Video is 2 1/2 years old now. Does your recommendation has changed or do you still recommend this app? If you still recommend it, can you answer me please if i can change the video and audio quality / source manually?

  • Hi Justin. Thanks a lot for this. Got a question: I do YouTube live streams for work. Can I use teleprompter on the same iPhone I’m doing the YouTube live? Basically, can teleprompter app be active on my screen as I’m doing a YouTube live? Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Justin, thanks for the vid. The app sounds great, and inexpensive considering what pro ones cost. My question is about being able to stop, start, and slow down the prompter while doing a live video/podcast. Sometimes I ad-lib during a 30-minute show to get to the 30-minute mark. While the whole script is written out, there are times I need to "add a little" to get to the end, which is fine in podcasting (and I do read from the script with my podcasting) since nobody knows how I'm pacing myself. But I want to add a video to my podcast, and I'm wondering how I can stop at certain points w/o it being obvious, i.e., holding a remote that works the teleprompter would be ideal, but I'm not sure this app would give me that feature. So, the perfect world for me would be the ability to manually stop, start, and slow down the teleprompter via Bluetooth. I could have someone operating the app off-screen. Thoughts? Thanks again for the video. – Rick

  • i bought the "telepromter for video" because i could try it fully with 750 characters, the interface is simple and provides the essential functionality, it was a bit pricey $15 (i'm not cheap just strapped on cache atm) but hey developers need to make money too, which unlocked unlimited characters. tried the other ones like prof.hornet but couldn't figure out if i could make the text smaller and place it next to the camera before buying… so the one i mentioned is really the best.

  • Incredibly valuable content thanks, Justin. Your channel has removed (or offered easy to follow and clear solutions to) many of the obstacles that were in my way (some of them being myself!), and have taken me from a “how the hell?” mentality to “bring it on!”. I’m so excited about getting my own channel out there now, thanks to you. All the best, mate

  • I downloaded the "Video Teleprompter Premium" app to my iPhone and when I tap on the script that copied over, the app crashes and quits. What can I do to fix this? I updated the operating system on my iPhone, I updated the app and I restarted my phone. The problem is still there. Do you know what I can do to fix this? Thank you!